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Braid是一个平台解谜游戏。有XO(Xbox Live Arcade)、PC版和Mac版




这个游戏据说还能收集八个隐藏星星开启隐藏结局。可以哪天有时间玩一把。不过这八个星星实在是比那60个拼图还要变态一百倍。比如这第一个星星(原文链接,credit to CraigG):

World 2-2
This one... requires... a lot... of... patience... and... waiting... :P
Seriously. Anyway... go to the right and you'll notice what looks like a
stationary cloud. Believe it or not, it's actually moving to the left VERY
slowly. It takes a good 2 hours for it to complete its journey to the left.
You'll actually want to jump on it at about 1 1/2 hours into its journey. It
should be just above the first door next to the cannon. This is where you want
to park Tim, waiting for the cloud. You can't do anything to speed up the time,
so I suggest you have a controller that doesn't turn off automatically for this
to work (otherwise, the game will keep pausing when your controller goes off).
At any rate... once you're on that cloud you've still got about 30 minutes left
to wait. After it finally reaches the left-hand side, you can jump up and onto
a ledge just above you and to your left. Notice that a new part of the level
is revealed. You can now nab that star you waited so long for. Congrats!


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May the Force be with you. RAmen